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New Album, Revelations, and Single, "Backsliders"

Updated: Jan 5

We're excited to announce our fourth album, Revelations will be released March 29, 2024. About the album, River Shook says:

Songwriting is everything to me and I believe an arc of growth is evident on this killer collection of 10 songs, made larger than life by an amazing group of musicians; I'm both proud and humbled to share them with you.

The lead single, "Backsliders" was released today. The song brings River Shook back to their days tending bar in a Chapel Hill dive called The Cave. Combining self-deprecating and longing lyrics with a deceptively buoyant arrangement, “Backsliders” illustrates not only the special and sometimes tumultuous romantic entanglements experienced by service workers, but also how easy it is to fall into bad habits when dealing with any type of loss.

Revelations Album on Black Vinyl
Black Vinyl - All Retailers
Revelations Album on Gold Swirl Vinyl
Gold Swirl - Indie Record Store Exclusive
Revelations Album on Orange Plasma Vinyl
Orange Plasma - Disarmers Store Exclusive

Revelations is available to pre-order on vinyl, CD, and digital, and vinyl comes in three pleasing colors: Black, Gold Swirl - an indie store exclusive, and Orange Plasma - a Disarmers Store exclusive.

Pre-order Revelations and stream or purchase "Backsliders" on your preferred platform, or order from your local record store using this handy link:

Thanks for listening!

UPDATE JAN 5, 2024:

Revelations is available for pre-order in the Disarmers Store!


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